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ikiler Fig Export Ltd. founded in 2003 ,being in the field of sun dried fig since 1978 , has brought his experience, quality concept and customer satisfaction to this date. Since 2011 our company became LTD and its name changed as Incirciler Ltd.Sti.

With its ISO 22000-2005 ,ISO 9001 , FDA and Organic Dried Fig Processing certificates Incirciler has always given priority to quality and customer satisfaction with maximum service quality. Being one of the biggest dried fig exporters in Aydin region , Incirciler has supplied its products to many countries in Europe , The United States, Far East , Middle East and Africa.nnAs with our registered ‘’ INCIRCILER’’ and ” ANGIEFRU” brands we are also able to supply with any other private label. Today with 1.600 tons of yearly production capacity, our company holds a good ranking among dried fruit exporters of Turkey and expands its customer portfolio every day with its quality products and services.nnIncirciler’s mission is; by introducing high quality sun dried figs of ” EGE Region ” to the World to meet increasing customer satisfaction.nnIncirciler’s vision is; by combining its knowledge in the field of sun dried fig with high quality and by presenting innovative quality service to its customer, to continue its investment always focusing on healthy growth